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Secondary Care: Halfway House

Halfway House (HWH) is a stand-alone facility, accommodating residents who have completed initial treatment but wish to prolong their stay in a therapeutic setting. The objective of our HWH is to provide a safe and controlled living environment, whilst residents re-integrate into society. HWH also reduces the stress and responsibility placed on our residents’ families, during this critical phase of recovery. Under the guidance of our staff and an on-site HWH manager, residents at HWH can learn to take more personal responsibility for themselves and focus on forward progress in all areas of their lives. Whilst at HWH, residents may pursue their studies, volunteer at SCRC or secure external employment, whilst still benefiting from the structure of a recovery-orientated facility. The minimum stay in HWH is 2 months.

HWH offers the following advantages for our residents:
  • House Rules
  • Accountability
  • Routine
  • Support Groups
  • Peer Support
  • Ongoing Counselling
  • Regular Drug-Testing
  • Financial Management
  • 24-hour Medical Support at our Primary Care Clinic
  • Security
  • Assistance with Pursuing Studies or Finding Employment

The greatest gift an addict can give to the people that they love is their recovery.

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