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South Coast Recovery Centre

Restoring Addicted Lives

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Registered Rehabilitation Facility

SCRC is a registered South African rehabilitation facility, specialising in the treatment of substance dependence, behavioural addictions, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders.  It is our firm belief that real, sustainable freedom from the darkness of active addiction is achievable for all individuals and families bound by this devastating condition. 


Holistic and Client-Centred Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach is underpinned by the conception of addiction as a complex, multi-faceted disorder – a physical, psychological and spiritual malady. During treatment, we uncover and address all the factors contributing to this disabling condition. We are committed to achieving a lasting and sustainable internal shift in each of our clients, restoring them to their rightful place as positive participants in their own lives, families and communities. 


Multi-Disciplinary Team of Professionals

A wide range of treatment services are provided by our highly skilled and experienced team. Our therapeutic team is comprised of Psychologists, Addiction Counsellors, Social Workers, Registered Nurses, a Fitness Instructor and Pastor, as well as a sessional Psychiatrist and General Practitioner. This multi-disciplinary team allows our clients access to a variety of support structures, thereby maximising the potential for successful rehabilitation. 


Accreditations and Registrations

In conjunction with its members of staff, SCRC is accredited with the following organisations: 

“South Coast Recovery Centre is a benchmark for other treatment centres.” South African Department of Social Development

Treatment Options

 SCRC delivers comprehensive, individualised programmes of varying lengths, to accommodate a variety of personal circumstances.

Please talk to our Admissions Team to establish which programme is most appropriate, and to arrange for pre-authorisation. 

28 Day Primary Inpatient Treatment

3 Month Primary Inpatient Treatment


3 + Months Long-Term Inpatient Treatment

Halfway House Secondary Care

Addiction is a severely debilitating condition, which brutally impacts an individual’s ability to function in society. Once in motion, addiction is always progressive and can be fatal for those who not receive adequate support. Without intervention, this disease will continue to worsen over time, until jail, institutionalisation or death apprehends.

Our own experience validates global research which suggests that the longer the duration of treatment, the more positive the prognosis for sustainable recovery. Extended treatment in both Primary and Secondary Care is strongly advocated, as is continued engagement with a variety of Aftercare programmes and support structures after discharge from SCRC.  

I thank God for the place that saved my life, South Coast Recovery Centre, and the amazing counsellors. How broken I was coming into SCRC and what miracles happened there, an amazing place! I really believe I would be dead if it weren’t for that place and God’s intervention. Thank you, thank you, thank you SCRC for your dedication to my freedom.  

Sarah Montgomery *

5 years ago I started to turn my life around. I made the choice that I needed help dealing with the devastating and powerful grip that drugs and alcohol had on my life. I embarked on a life-changing journey that all started at South Coast Recovery Centre. It was there that I knew I could get the help that I needed. With the help and support of the counsellors and all the staff at SCRC, today marks my 5 years clean and sober from the disease that we call addiction. 

Christopher Ndwalane *

Six years ago, I was high, paranoid, losing my mind, a thief, thin and emaciated, broken in spirit, broke, alienated from family and suicidal. Funny, I was still in denial, full of myself and had answers for everything. I thought “I can still beat this.” How wrong I was! I checked myself into South Coast Recovery Centre (SCRC) and 7 months later, I came out better, wiser and ready to reclaim my life. I am eternally grateful to all those who played a part in my recovery and there are many. Thank you. I am still standing because of you. 

Tamir Jacobs *

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our guests.

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"South Coast Recovery Centre is an epic place of transformation where lives are restored & souls are saved."

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